Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pumpkin Butter

The early winter season is a great time to find deals on pumpkins.  Jee brought home a medium sized pumpkin last week that has lasted multiple meals.  With the remaining pieces of pumpkin, we decided to create a spiced pumpkin butter in order to add some variety to our usual breakfast of plain butter and toast.

First, Jee had an awesome arm and wrist workout trying to cut up the pumpkin.

Then we made pumpkin puree.

After adding in the spice ingredients, we had to heat the mixture for quite a while. 

The pumpkin butter slowly thickens and turns from orange to a dark caramel brown.

The next morning, I toasted a poppy seed bagel and spread the pumpkin butter with regular butter (I love butter). 

I love the taste of fall in the morning. 

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